New Longton Zinc Roofs

New Longton
September 2016

Stainless Steel Sills & Zinc Roof

Burnbrae, Clarebrand
November 2016

Curved Zinc Roof

Pooley Bridge
July 2016

Various Jobs

1998 - 2008

Zinc Roof With Skylights

Ashton, Herefordshire
November 2016

Zinc Roof & Cladding

Wantage, Oxfordshire
June 2016

Windsor Bandstand

Alexandra Gardens, Windsor
August 2015

Flat Zinc Roof

Grove Mill, Rishworth
October 2016

Zinc Roof

Kilmartin - Architect: Ben Tindall
June 2008

New Harbourside Facilities

April 2015


Architect: Raphael Boituzzi
Summer 2004

Lindores Distillers

Lindores Abbey Farm
November 2016

Slackwood Farm Zinc Roof & Fascias

July 2012 (Original), April 2017 (Fascia Repair)

Various Zinc Bandstands

Various Locations
July 2016 to

Pre-patinated pyramid roof

June 2007